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Common Questions

Do prescription savings cards really work? Yes! Prescription savings cards really work. They can help you save up to 80% on prescription medications and all drugs are eligible for savings. To receive discounts, simply present your card or coupon to your pharmacist the next time you fill or refill a prescription.

How do prescription cards work? Prescription discount cards are completely free to use, whether you have insurance or not. To save up to 80% on medication, all you need to do is present the discount card or coupon to the pharmacy and ask them to compare the discounted price with your insurance price. If you use BuzzRx, the pharmacist will process the coupon/card information instead of your insurance so you will pay a reduced cash price instead of the usual copay. The discounts are possible because BuzzRx works with Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) to negotiate lower rates at the pharmacy for people paying out-of-pocket.

Is there a copay? There is no copay associated with BuzzRx. Our cards and coupons are used in place of insurance so you will pay a reduced cash price instead of the usual copay.

Can I use a prescription discount card with insurance? BuzzRx can be used instead of insurance. Most insurance policies don’t cover every medication, so the card is there to help if you find one that isn’t part of your plan. BuzzRx pricing can often be less than copays on more popular medications. If you have a high deductible that must be met before you have prescription coverage, our card can help right away.

Can I use a Rx discount card with Medicare? If you are a senior on Medicare, our card can be used on prescription drugs excluded from Medicare Part D. Please note that these purchases will not count towards the Medicare deductible. You could also use our card instead of Medicare if the cost is lower—you cannot combine our discounts with Medicare. This is not insurance.

How can I get maximum savings on prescription prices? You can get maximum savings on prescription prices by going to to look up the price of your medication. Be sure to enter the correct dosage and quantity of your medication in order to receive the most accurate pricing information. The results will display a pharmacy nearest you with the best discounted price.

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